Sick Day NUMBER 1

•December 12, 2007 • 1 Comment

Bleck…today I was sick and stayed home =__= It’s my stupid tonsils I tell you!!! Honestly, my doctor has been reluctant to take them out for quite some years now, and now I’m getting sick every 2 weeks or so TT–TT It’s torture because usually along with an extremely sore throat, I get a fever for about 2 days. 😛 Well, I feel a little better so now I have the strength to comment on some recently watched anime episodes and watch some as well. So enjoy… 😀

I have a menagerie of things today ^^

Mein December Wallpaper: (Click for Full-size)

Click here for the wallpaper! Sorry, I totally forgot where it is from and if it belongs to you, just let me know and I will give you credit! Even if you don’t watch Lucky Star it is still a great holiday anime wallpaper 😀

I also just finished watching Satoshi Kon’s “Paprika” movie. It was really, really good!! I would highly suggest it!! Until I get the chance to do a full review on the movie (noting that I probably also have to do a better review on Perfect Blue) try visiting one of these sites ^^

Well, I’m starting to feel a bit sick again D: I’ll post more later if I’m up to it!

Till next time~


Anime Withdrawl Part 1 xD

•December 12, 2007 • 3 Comments

Recently, I haven’t had time to watch much anime D: This has resulted in a spiraling chain reaction of misfortunes due to my anime withdrawal symptoms. You can tell I really need to start watching anime when I start writing stuff like this…

Chiarin’s Guide to Those Suffering Anime Withdrawl:

Part 1: Recognizing Your Problem
Have you been recently feeling oddly depressed? Have you been thinking of things such as colorful hair, intriguing plot lines, or cute chibis when you should have been paying attention to something else? Have you not seen an anime show within a week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely are suffering the disease Japanese alacritas secedo. In other words, Anime Withdrawl Syndrome. AWS can occur in nearly anyone who has seen an anime show or movie, though it puts you at a 90% more risk if you are or were in the ‘otaku’ category.

Do not panic! AWS is a curable, physiological disorder recently discovered to mankind. You will likely not find it in text books since some scientists declare that it is a ‘made-up’ disorder. But those who have or are suffering it know that it is very, very, real.

AWS is not highly contagious, though those around the one who is affected can-though not directly-feel it’s wrath.

Here are a few situations when AWS can run rampant or be easily caught:

A) A home situation. AWS is easily spread in this environment. If the TV or computer are banned and/or broken, these seemingly innocent electronic devices can send out devastating waves of this disorder to those in the household. This can be especially dangerous if those affected cannot access a computer or television at a public location, school, university or friend’s house during ‘anime prime time’. It can also become serious when a younger or older member of the house takes control of the electronics and will not give them up, even under the otaku’s desperate pleads.

B) A school/university situation. Here, the otaku is trapped for hours on end, learning non-anime/manga things, only to be burdened with excessive projects and homework keeping the otaku from anime at home as well. This is probably the most common cause of AWS.

Chiasa M. Anime PhD ??!!? ><


Maybe there will be a part two if I find the time again xD Well, this was a really weird post…look forward to more in  the future ^^

Perfect Blue

•December 9, 2007 • 1 Comment

 Perfect Blue



Once again, I am highly impressed with Satoshi Kon’s work! I think I can officially count myself in his fandom as of seeing this movie. It was absolutely stunning and haunting. I know it came out ten years ago, but I wouldn’t even be able to remember it then, so I’ll have to review it a bit late ^^

I was really happy and excited about seeing more of Satoshi Kon’s work after seeing his 2001 movie, Millennium Actress, and after watching Perfect Blue, I was truly delighted to see that a lot of the same factors were carried throughout both films, though they were still their own separate stories and altogether films.

An extremely confusing movie to watch at first, I was stunned at the overall deepness of it. I literally had to go back and watch some scenes over and over until it finally started to click. I love those kinds of movies. You watch them and they’re fantastic…but then you think about them and you realize they’re genius. That’s the kind of movie Perfect Blue is.

If you are not ready for some violent and hardcore scenes, I suggest you check out the censored or edited version first, because it is a ‘mature’ movie.

Mima is a pop-idol-gone-actress (cough cough sennen joyu) in order to keep up the industry and trends and soon lands herself in a small role in a drama series called ‘Double Bind’. After being forced to go through some excruciatingly painful (mentally and physically) scenes, she begins to slowly unravel as her ‘true self’ begins showing up and mocking her. Soon, a chain series of murders begins occurring to everyone who helps Mima pursue her acting career. Eventually, this madness continues until Mima’s ‘twin’ actually begins physically attacking her-this is when we know Mima’s conscience is not merely an illusion. The whole thing wraps up in one neat, dreamy, foggy, artistic and meaningful story that will shake your mind into questioning reality.

Please visit one of these sites for more information on ‘Perfect Blue’ >w< (…’cause I’m gonna have to keep this post short–More on this movie later ^__=)

Rating: \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o  ((4 of 5))

Ninja Akasaka

•December 6, 2007 • 4 Comments


YAY! Today was the first snow here, I am so happy 😀 The weather people said we’d only get 1-2 inches of snow, but now I’d say it’s well on it’s way to half a foot (maybe even a foot–I’m not good at glance-measuring things)! I am so excited! I just love the snow…the sledding, the skiing….the taste xD Yes, I like eating it…but Arisu says that it’s acid snow, probably just to freak me out….I hope. Well, anyway, onto the actual article ^–^


Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Probably one of the most unique-if not the most-restaurants I have ever heard of. Is it like the Japanese equivalent of the Rainforest Cafe (a popular rainforest-themed restaurant)? The whole place inside is ‘ninja’ themed xD Meaning, black, black, and more black. To get to your table you follow a ninja-dressed waiter/waitress who leades you through a series of dark halls and crevices until you reach your equally as mysterious table.

You eat pretty much typically, except that you are eating off SHRUIKEN m(゚Д゚)m ~!!!!

It certainly is a novel place, and they also hold events and gatherings such as birthdays and weddings. Yes, you too can have a Ninja wedding.

Well, this one is going to have to be  short post!! Gomen!

Ninja Aakasaka Official Site:  >>Click<<

Sushi Pack — A Cartoon About Sushi

•December 4, 2007 • 13 Comments

Okay, one of the newest kid’s shows on television is a little show called SUSHI PACK. @__@

I saw a commercial for it and decided to do a little research…

The story revolves around a ‘super hero’ group called sushi pack. They consist of…take a guess…, really….. SUSHI.  Yes, a children’s show about talking, meditating, fighting sushi. The group includes a little guy named Wasabi (keep in mind, all these characters are made of what their names are), who is made of wasabi mustard; Kani, who is made of crab sushi with crab pinching pigtails; Ikura, who is made of salmon egg sushi and shoots gooey fish eggs at his foes @_@; Maguro, who is made of tuna sushi and can focus her ‘inner tuna’ and has strange physic powers; and Tako, who is made of octopus sushi and can shoot colorful ink.

Weird? Yes. Edible? Maybe. Cute? HECK YES!!

I want to squeee the lights out of those little guys xD Especially Wasabi, he’s just plain cute n tiny! (The actual size of these characters is only slightly larger than real sushi :3)

The problem is, that whenever I see them I want to eat them.

Okay, that’s kind of a big problem.


The Sushi Pack fight their enemies, the  Legion of the Low Tide, which consists of the Titanium chef, a bad sushi chef; Fugu, a bouncer-looking blowfish; Mochi Mochiato, a scoop of rice-topped ice cream; Toro, a huge sumo tuna roll; Unagi, a ‘mutated’  electric eel; and Uni, a maniacal sea-urchin with evil tendencies.

. …. Not so appetizing (except maybe Mochi-san ^–^<3)



Well, I would suggest this ….unique….. show if you are in the mood for the something cute and easy to understand ^^


 :::: Sushi Pack Official Homepage ::::

Lucky Star ~ Episode 17!

•December 2, 2007 • 2 Comments

Well, well!!!

As every Lucky Star episode does, this one got me to thinking >:3

Do sisters absorb traits from each other?

That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say YES. At least for me >w< I’m a middle sister of three xO And I think I did get a bit from both Arisu and Miyuki (my sister, not the Lucky Star character xD) …. Which could be either bad or good @__@ *cough cough* Yet I am the only one that has to wear glasses… Well, Miyuki has contacts, ….but……

Isn’t it strange how in anime the trend is growing to make younger sisters actually look older than their older sisters!? I can’t figure out why… is it an otaku turn-on or something @__@ who knows…?

Future Plans

I never really thought about it…but I guess I want to be a surgeon!!! Actually, wait…I have thought about it, but it’s kinda early for me D:

I think Kagami would make a good lawyer, though! She just has that look about her.. And Tsukasa would be a great chef!!! I can picture her having her own cooking show, something like, “Moe Moe Time With Tsukasa: Happy Cooking Fun!” xD But that’s why I love her!

This also kind of reminds me of what I am going through now @__@ Picking my top three choices for high school…when Miyuki applied for high school, she visited 5 different schools! I only visited three TT–TT I feel somewhat unprepared……

Speaks for itself….

Reading Enriches the Soul…except light novels…

I like reading good books, but the more ‘socially refined’ I get, well, it just doesn’t do that much to me. But the more I watch anime, the more my soul is enriched. Lets say…books are like potato chips. They are tasty at the moment, but you don’t really remember them when you are done (well, some), but anime, anime is like a great big tasty vegetable soup with thick warm broth and salty crackers in the side with a big glass of milk ಠ_ಠ It just sticks to ya.


Man, I’ve seen some nasty things (like when Arisu tried to feed me oatmeal with pepper and salt) but not quite as bad as wasabi octopus gone seriously, horribly wrong. Few things in the world compare to that mushy, moldy, mess…

(octopus blurred out for the physical and mental safety of the audience)

Family time 😀

In this episode, we really get to know the Hiiragi family ^^ Which consists of the twins Kagami and Tsukasa, the two older sisters Inori and Matsuri and a mother and father 🙂

How cute ^–^ They really do make a good family @__@

You are what you choose as a career (as well as eat ^^)

Okay…this guy takes that to the next level…

MEITO ANIZAWA!! This dude is crazy…but that’s why we love him, ne?!

Uhh…er….Lucky Channel has gotten an EXTREMEMEN#@ MAKEOVER@:L<
!!! ~ ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Another song by the marvelous Minoru Shiraishi-saaaaannnnnn~! BON BON O-ENDAN! Yes…he was signing ‘Motteke! Sailorfuku!” I’ve been listening to this song non-stop on my Minoru Shiraishi no Otoko Lullabye CD xD The very beginning spoken part of the song translates to, “Hello ladies! Are you unsatisfied with your husbands?”!?! What the…!/ Well, anyways…









New Layout~!

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I know, I know! I change the entire layout of the site every month or so xD I just can’t stay the same for long can I? I really like this one, though! The only problem is that I had quite a bit of difficulty putting the custom banner up top ^^ After some messing around though, I managed to get it on though (as some of you may or may not see) there is now a big black bar right through the image @_@. Oh well, I guess it gives it a divided effect which is kinda nice…kinda 🙂


Actually this ol’ kitty is my grandparents ^–^ She hates little kids so watch out little ones >8D

Hehehe…just kidding….

ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ