Note: If anyone would like me to make a banner for their blog or site ^–^;; just let me know! Don’t worry I do it for free I won’t charge xD Just contact me and I will try my best to work with you! I will try my best on your banner!
Past Layouts ~

All original images belong to their rightful owners, but the edited versions (below) belong to me ^–^ Click on them for the full size!!! ;D

1. Simply Twins (Rozen Maiden)

2. Fly Away With the Birds Until I Am Merely A Memory (Air TV)

3. Fan Out My Horizons and Hold Fast My Dreams (Millennium Actress)


4. My Town (Tokyo before sunrise)

5. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ’08! (Lucky Star)

Unused Layouts~

These are layouts and banners that never got put up on the site.

1. Unchanging Things (Grave of the Fireflies) – Currently UnavailableĀ 


3 Responses to “Images”

  1. i really like it,SO UTELA…….

  2. good

  3. awesome

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