Okay, after an anime slump that I have been suffering for about the past week or so, I began watching it ravenously about two days ago. In that period of time I discovered and decided to begin two new anime shows. Here is the first.


Shigofumi a new ‘horror’ series based around the world of the dead. What if those passed on could send letters to those still living? What if those dead could find final closure in retelling their true deaths and stories? All these things are made possible in Shigofumi.

The animation of the show overall is pretty good, though not KyoAni quality. The characters are drawn consistently with pretty smooth and realistic body movements except only a few brief times.

A fairly new show, Shigofumi just premiered in Japan exactly ten days ago from today (Premiered January 8, 2008) so there aren’t many episodes out yet, 6 to be exact – not all of the 6 episode titles listed yet have even been released yet I believe. The show is planned to run for 12 episodes and is based off the 2006 light novel.

The story seems to revolve around a girl from the other world named Fumika and her ‘almost human’ staff Kanaka who deliver Shigofumi, or, letters from those passed on/ last letters.

*Slight spoilers to episode 1 below. Will not ruin entire series*

A young girl named Asuna who killed her father (which we find out later from reading his Shigofumi) and her friend Shouta get along well as friends, even though the only place they really meet is on the roof of an abandoned warehouse (Not what you are thinking =__=…) where Asuna spends time watching Shouta working on building his larger-than-life model rocket. After confessing to himself that he likes Asuna, Shouta attempts to tell her multiple times without success. Soon after meeting Fumiko, Shouta finds Asuna’s father’s Shigofumi and reads it. Sheer disbelief flows over him as he reads that Asuna actually killed her father while Fumiko reassures him that ‘the dead cannot lie’. Of course, thinking the Shigofumi is some kind of sick joke, he runs to Asuna’s place in the night…scary things happen.

**Spoilers end**

At a glance, one might compare it to Jigoku Shoujo. A young school-age girl doing the bidding of the dead, both carrying things to and from the world beyond to ours, but Shigofumi is actually very different. I would have preferred if they had left out the generic ‘talking staff/wand/inanimate object’ and made it more realistic like Jigoku Shoujo, but I give them credit for coming up with the general idea of letters from the dead.

Personally, I don’t think they give enough information on the characters-the episode seemed a bit hollow. I couldn’t relate to the characters in any way so therefore the episode was over before anything could really sink in and it left me feeling a bit confused as to what I was supposed to be feeling. (If that made sense =3=) In general, the whole thing seemed very rushed. If they could have afforded it, a larger time slot would have been very, very good for series (24-26 episodes, perhaps).

I guess it will be worth watching episode 2, but if that one doesn’t slow things down a bit or explain at least a little more, I think I may start getting annoyed with the series.

The show can be seen on Japanese TV for now, and the first DVD is set for release in March 2008.



~ by 100yen :D on January 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “Shigofumi~Letters-from-the-dead/story-of-last-letter”

  1. wohooooo !! thank you so much for telling me bout this anime ! yea my first thought was jigoku shoujo and ya related a tiny little bit. but this really seems interesting ! i wanna know the ending T.T character design is not bad too XD

  2. It looks promising~
    The first picture gives me the impression that the animation is done carefully and detailedly.
    That would be nice~
    Thanks for the information~ (^-^)/

  3. I’ve seen all 12 episodes and I agree with you. The who series was rushed, I liked the character development and the idea itself is amazing. The way the first two episodes played out is what hooked me on to the series. I was disappointed with the ending though, I still have this what just happened feeling. If they wanted, it could easily be done with 24 episodes, a few here and there might be bad, but that’s okay.

  4. Personally I enjoyed the series, but I agree, it does seem a bit rushed, I thought it was goin to be a 24 ep. series when I found it on veoh(in a search result looking for another anime). On the bright side its really is a great show that has great humor and storyline in my opinion…

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