Sorry TToTT

Forgive me for not being very active lately…..and when I actually do make a post I have nothing interesting to say @__@!!!

D: I’ve been really busy lately and I think I am going into the early stages of anime withdrawl since I haven’t seen any since about Tuesday… +__+ twitch

By the by, now I think I can occasionally post in Japanese thanks to the IME and Kou-san /~^–^~\ So be prepared for random posts–except 10x more exciting since they’re in Japanese *cue movie music*

Also, there’s a rumor that Satoshi Kon is coming out with a new movie?! I don’t think this has been confirmed, but I get excited over those kinds of anime rumors xD  But after Sennen Joyu and Perfect Blue and Paprika, what will he come out with next? Where do they get all these ideas? @__@  I would love to be a writer for an anime series or manga, or even an artist, but I’d have to get quicker, it takes me a while to draw a pretty good page. I have some serious respect for mangaka like CLAMP who only take 2-3 days to produce a super-detailed chapter. Speaking of CLAMP, I hope on their current tour they stop by for the anime convention Otakon, some of my relatives live near there so it’s convenient -__- I’ll put up some of drawings later…but for now enjoy some random 1 minute computer sketches (I think I am physically incapable of drawing ‘good’ pictures on paint, oh well):


Picture: 1. Done at a friends house while she was making soup (Chiasa=horrible cook)
2. Colored later on while easting soup 😛
3. Messed up on her right hand…and is that blood on the key?! (Not even I know…)


Well, I will post more often and hopefully more interesting \(*O*)?

Until next time,


~ by 100yen :D on January 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sorry TToTT”

  1. Anime withdrawal…I know what thats like. It got so bad for me that I HAD to buy a new DVD, in result I bought the final volume of Gundam SEED Destiny. (The Limited Edition Box version to add) XD
    You just have to watch something new after a while of you go crazy right!? @_@

    Ohh, you drew those pics on Paint? Fairly nice, I like that last one the most.

    ~See ya around.

  2. I like the last picture. The character that looks at her key seems to be cute and cliff-hanging to me.
    Baa~ I would like to see more pictures that are drawn by you!
    You’ll be able to type Japanese!

  3. i agree wit sheep your pictures look cute and you did it fast o.o i cant even draw on paint T.T i suck at it lol

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