Anime Recomendations ~ Part 1 >w<

Well, this post is mostly thanks to Ms. Aya who is sadly running out of good shows D: So I decided to a short recommendations list of animes that I think others would like. Hopefully you won’t have seen all of these, but I think you’ll discover a new anime you’ll like >:3

Ah, Sola. My best guess is that the title is a take on the english word “solar” or an abbreviation for it. That title certainly fits the series in that sense. Sola was voted on of-if not the best- animes in Japan for 2007, though it sadly didn’t gain much of a reputation in other places. Sola is very much like the anime Air if you have seen it, very light and floaty and the whole series gives off an almost weightless feeling with the delicately drawn backgrounds and landscapes mixed with the scene upon scene of the sky. Though it is somewhat similar to other animes in terms of settings and themes, Sola is a one-of-a-kind unique show. Though I haven’t seen it to the end yet, it is already very intriguing to me and I definitely want to watch it though to the end. Relatively short, it is only 13 episodes long (though I personally prefer shorter shows because they aren’t long or drawn out, they are concise and to the point). The voice acting is wonderful (Mamiko Noto is the main role!!! *twitch* No wonder I like the acting…) and the animation is pretty good, though it’s not the best. The story revolves around a young boy who loves taking pictures, mainly of the sky “because it always changes” and a girl who is actually a very old ‘monster’ who can only come out at night and longs to see the day. The series is packed with strange, but beautiful and unique characters that really grow on you. The background music is also very fitting and it doesn’t distract you from the dialog but adds lots of ambiance to the show. I give Sola a 3.5 of 5 for a captivating plot line and good character development.

FLCL (Fooly Cooly)
FLCL is probably one of the best loved/most addicting straight-to-VHS animes out there. I seriously warn you though, you probably will not understand it while watching this show. Part of the magic of it is that, the answer comes to you long, long after… ((wow, did that sound creepy?)). It mainly follows the life of a middle-school boy who has a strange meeting with a random pink-haired, vespa-riding, guitar-slinging heroine. While watching the series, one may ask themselves, “Why am I watching this?” “Has humanity stooped so low as to make a show so random as this?” When they will be quickly distracted by a robot or two literally busting out from a boy’s head (not graphically or in a gory way, more in a comical ‘what the heck’ way) and they will be absorbed in watching it again. FLCL is one of those series that needs to be watched to be understood, and at only 6 episodes, it won’t take long so it’s easy to fit in between seasons or breaks in another series. The animation is really good for straight-to-video standards and the color palette used is rather flat, but in a good way that really adds a unique flair to the series. Be warned of random bursts of manga. is FLCL also recieves a 3 of 5 for total creativity and most unexpected plot turns….really unexpected. Parental Discretion Advised.

Jigoku Shojo
Dark? yes. Horror? Maybe. Good Series? Definitely. This series is not exactly for someone who likes episodes that leave you on cliffhanger endings, happy endings, or pretty endings. Each episode is like it’s own little story, usually a tragedy of someone who is seeking revenge upon another. The Jigoku Shoujo’s–or Hell Girl’s–contract allows anyone to send someone else to hell immediately, as long as they have hate in their heart, though the price is that they, too, must go to hell when it is their time to die. The story does not have specific recurring characters (except the Enma Ai who is the Jigoku Shoujo and her three servants) until the end when Ai’s story is finally revealed as a modern-day direct descendant of the one who betrayed her and his daughter unwillingly veiw a vision of her lonely childhood and brutal murder. One of my personal favorites, Jigoku Shoujo has 2 seasons with a third to be released at a specified date (First Season: Jigoku Shoujo — Second Season: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori). Many would say that the series is repetitive, which it is in the sense that until about halfway through the 26 epsiode series, you just watch as story after story unfold sadly like a “delicate lycoris (spider lily)”. The animation is superb and the voice acting is near dead-on perfect. Jigoku Shoujo gets a 4.5 of 5 for it’s amazing stories and it’s ability to raise awareness of how our world really is today.


Well,I’m tired now so I’ll have to continue tomorrow…I hope =__= I have so many projects to lately so sorry if I don’t get to past as much as I should @_@ Hope that I don’t suffer work exhaustion >w<

Hope you found this useful, at least a bit xD I’ll definitely put more up later!

❤ Chiarin



~ by 100yen :D on January 5, 2008.

10 Responses to “Anime Recomendations ~ Part 1 >w<”

  1. Thanks a lot.
    I’ve watched some parts of Jigoku Shojo already.
    But anyway, I think I’ll try FLCL.
    It looks kind of cool. I hope my country have this anime.
    By any chances, have you heard of this anime called, “Inu Kami”?
    I bought the DVD set not long ago and I have no time to watch it.
    So I’m really curious.
    Anything on this anime?

  2. ~Thanx for the comment at my blog 100yen-san

    Ooohhh, nice list 100yen-san. (^w^) I think that I’ll check out Sola as well. (o_O) You havent seen FLCL Aya-chan!? You dont know what you missed!! But why do I not see Lucky Star and Rozen Maiden on the list? Seems like you enjoyed it a lot 100yen-san so why not recommend them? They’re awesome shows!! (I like them too OK?)

    …why is that I hear about Inu Kami everywhere I go? I guess I’ll look into that as well, it looks like its got some nice fanservice so…(._o) Uh.

  3. Sorry to double post, just replying to your post on my blog: I forgot to let you know that you dont really need a JP keyboard to type in Japanese.(If you already didnt know that) You can just download the JP text services and input program and then you can just type in roma-ji and the PC will convert it into JP characters for you, that what I use.

    ~Just thought that you’d like to know if you already didnt. Sorry if I was being a bother. ^^;

  4. Kou-san!
    I have not heard of FLCL before!
    Does this mean that I am a noob?! (Cries)
    I bought Lucky Star already. But I haven’t watch all. Seriously, I still don’t get why this anime is so popular. It’s nothing but talks…
    Did I buy the fake version? (Laughs)

    Inukami.. I saw the pictures and screen shots on the DVD box. It looks interesting and funny so I bought it.

    Kou-san is right. You don’t have to buy a JP keyboard.
    I’m also using a software where it allows me to type in Romanji and converts to whatever you want. Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji.
    I didn’t have to download it because I just found it in my laptop.
    How lucky!!!

  5. 100 yen thnx so much for introducing more animes XD i appreciate it XD i will definetly watch sola i like AIR not bad XD ^^
    and as for lcl i have heard of it but i did not really watch it yet will watch it when i have the time XD
    jigoku shoujo is a must watch anime !!!!!

  6. I like Jigoku Shojo this is a well recommended anime series…This is a very exciting anime just like Death Note…

  7. Muwahahaha, back again. Here’s the link to get the language bar on your PC so that you can type in Japanese, etc. without a foreign keyboard and such.


  8. kou : wao that will be useful o.o ty alot for sharing o.o

  9. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  10. i love this site ……….. and i like that who created this site for anime fan i just love all the updates of this site and i just love anime ❤ =)

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