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YAY! 2007 went by like a breeze @__@

Thank you all so much for a wonderful year (first with a blog!!!). Overall, the year was so-so for me….pretty much equal good and bad…..nah! more good! Talking about anime, 2007 wasn’t filled with too many super-great-giantic-five-star animes, but it was filled with a heck of a lot of good ones! 2008 is gonna be chock-full of sequels, so it worries me slightly anime-wise, but we’ll just have to wait and see, ne? I’m counting on you Kyoto Animation >8D!!!!

It’s been a rather – short – year. I still remember my birthday back in March like it was yesterday TT–TT Last night I was out at a party at one of my mother’s friend’s places. It was fun and I wasn’t tired at all (thankfully)!! Probably because I was addicted to these little chocolate thingy’s (not a very good description) and was eating them in a rhythmic cycle all through the night. My older sister Miyuki was at a different party, though she stayed on speaker phone with us for most of the night : ) We had fun posing for pictures with champagne and playing the Wii. Usually we don’t have much of a choice but all the kids at the place brought their Wii games so we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of games and didn’t get to even play all of them. We watched the New Year ring in on TV in New York City as tradition states and then……….fell asleep.

Well, every year I count up how many animes I have watching during that time and calculate the hours/minutes/days I have spent watching them. Isn’t it kind of sick how obsessed I am? Hey I got my whole life ahead of me….right….right!??!

Hopefully soon I will have a most-anticipated anime of 2008/ Best of 2007 anime list up~! Hang in there!


The numbers for 2007 are finally in….

Minutes Spent Watching Anime (shows) total:



Hours Spent Watching Anime (shows) total:



Days Spent Watching Anime (shows) total:



Minutes Spent Watching Anime (movies) total:



Hours Spent Watching Anime (movies) total:



Total Minutes Watching Anime (Movies & Shows):



Total Hours Watching Anime (Movies & Shows):



Total Days Watching Anime (Movies & Shows):



YAY! This coming year I hope to even break this year’s records and fill my brain with as much anime knowledge as humanly possible!!!!!! Wow….that sounded really otaku-ish I’m too young for these things TT–TT


~ by 100yen :D on January 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “HAPPY 2K8!”

  1. (o.O)!! Oooohh, what a great little blog you have going on here 100yen-san!! Here I am visiting because I saw you at Aya-chan’s blog and you’re using a pic of Konata!! (I LOVED or rather LOVED Lucky Star) I’ll be frequenting this blog as well from now on so…^w^

    OMG!! You actually kept track of how much anime you watched!? I watch so much that I’d be unable to keep track even if I tried.lols



  2. Whoa!
    Anime addict!
    Be sure to recommend some good animes in your blog!
    I’m running out of good shows now. *Tears*

  3. happy new year ! i cant believe you kept count of everything o.o i did not even keep count of those though i love you million digit number ahahha XD

  4. A buddy posted a link to your blog on my status update–I’m not usually a big blog follower but I browsed here anyways out of curiousity. I’m happy that I did, too! I’m a pretty big writer myself and usually I dislike reading blogs because many authors seem so boring, but you have a great writing talent that makes your blog a nice read. Definitely going to be watching you from now on! Expect a critical reader c:

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