Cheep Manga =_+

 Gomen @__@ Sorry about the posting delay and I don’t know if this topic is exactly ‘interesing’ ^^ I promise to have something cool next time :

From what I’ve heard, manga is cheap only one place in the world. Japan.

The average manga, about the thickness of a telephone/address book, in Japan is only 200 yen, about 1.75 in US dollars, 290.18 in euros, and 138.3 Singapore dollars.

WAAH! Whenever I hear of my cousins etc etc buying manga back in Japan for that cheap, it makes me weep.

I do understand licensing is expensive and so is the translating yatta yatta (Why…why oh why can’t there be subtitles for manga? I know it’s physically impossible but don’t crush my hopes and dreams!), but is it really that bad? That expensive? Apparently.

The general price for manga in US is about 9.99 dollars. I wouldn’t say this is ridiculously crazy, but it’s still very high. There’s also the factor that the ‘anime’ generation is getting younger and younger, so it is more difficult for the little ones (including myself xD) to get manga at this price D: I wish I could get it more, but the only times I really get it are on holidays like Christmas (which is right around the corner :3) and my birthday. I actually think it would be profitable for the Japanese companies to hire a couple translators to send it directly to other countries, without all the fuss and annoying prices of middle-men like TokyoPop and such D:

Well, enough with complaining! 9.99 is cheap compared to the past prices when the manga market was absolutely tiny outside of Japan and the average manga was more like 19.99  dollars

Well, for now I guess the manga prices outside of the land of the rising sun will have to stay elevated to over 10 times the price in Japan, though there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Manga prices are going through a steady drop in the past few decades 😀



~ by 100yen :D on December 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Cheep Manga =_+”

  1. Exactly!
    The only place that sells manga cheaply and variety of books are in Japan!
    A~~aw!!! This is so saddening!
    What more? The translators in my country sucks!
    From Vincent Valentine, they rename him as Benjamin!
    Tell me about it! (;__;)

  2. xD Vincent to Benjamin!!! Hahaha..taht’s kind of messed up! I hate it when they change names of characters from the original! Like I remeber when Sailor Moon came to the U.S. they changed her name from Usagi to Bunny…

  3. O my!
    That’s a very literal translation! Usagi to Bunny. (Laughs)
    Won’t it be weird to go around being called Bunny?
    Imagine if they called Mamoru in the literal meaning, “Protector”. (Laughs)
    But if I am not mistaken, they rename Usagi to “Serena” in the English dubbed version of Sailormoon, right? (-___-)lll

    Man… The translators here seems to even change the locations mentioned in the mangas.
    Instead of Tokyo, they put in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

    !! CRIES !!

  4. xD They changed the country??!
    That would be wired….Protector rescues Bunny. Is there a hint of ecchi in there?! @__@
    Yes, thankfully they changed the name from Bunny to Serena in the anime! Luckily they didn’t have to change the names much more for the anime…Rei just became Raye and Minako just became Mina.

  5. Protector rescues Bunny.
    That’s an odd sentence! (Laughs)

    By the way, I like how you craft the words for your hit counter.
    (Digits) have found 100 yen coin on the ground

    It sounds so cool and attractive!

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