Hate.Anime.Dubs.Twitch. (Rant)

 Yes, I am an anime dub hater. 😀

We all have them…

But when anyone dubs an anime into English, for some reason it ticks me off. Especially if it’s one of my favorites!!! Sometimes it makes me mad at those lazy people who just want to watch the show in English because they don’t feel like reading subtitles!! D< (Sorry if this offends anyone who watches dubs, but…)

It always seems to be a show I just watched. Like immediately after I finished Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, they came out with the dub. Right after i finished Air TV they came out with the dub. When I was done with Jigoku Shoujo I found out that a dub was coming out for it in a few months. And now…of all shows…. beloved Lucky Star is coming out with an English dub. What.the.heck.

It probably annoys me because they pick such crappy voice actors (no offense here either). I’m so sick of the English voice actors not sounding at all like the Japanese characters or they try to imitate the Japanese seiyuus. It gets on my nerves!

I mean, probably one of the best well known examples will be the recent dub of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. That just sucked. I don’t think you can find anyone to replace Aya Hirano’s voice, let alone capture the Japanese spirit/voice in them. I usually don’t like using extreme words like hate, but this is why I really hate Funimation. I don’t hate them personally, I hate their stupid dubs.

My most hated English dubbers are (remember, I hate their dubbing profession, the actual people. I am sure they are really good people in person 😀 ) Caitlin Glass, Wendee Lee (yes,yes,surprise), Michelle Ruff, and Brina Palencia.

These are probably some of the most loved and known voice actresses so I know a lot of people like them, be warned.

Quite frankly, each of them is trying to be a Japanese seiyuu-gone-english…which they aren’t. I’m sick of seeing Wendee Lee being cast into Aya Hirano’s roles. She sounds like..like she’s trying too hard half the time. And quite frankly, she’s way too overused. Caitlin Glass’s voice is just plain annoying to me D: I’m probably just mad because she was cast as Tsukasa xD Her voice isn’t very Tsukasa-ish. And last but definitely not least, Brina Palencia. I despise it when she is cast as Mamiko Noto’s role. She just sounds like a Mami-chan wannabe. Seriously. She sounds like she is forcefully trying to whisper.

Well, now that I have that out of my system ^^ I’m cooled off about this for now…until the next horrifyingly degrading dub of another anime comes out.


~ by 100yen :D on December 15, 2007.

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  1. Join the club!
    I too despise anime dubs!
    It spoils the whole mood of the original Japanese voices!
    Somehow, it just makes every anime ‘U.G.L.Y’!

    !! flames dubbers !!

  2. I made a list of anime I’ve watched. Out of all 276 anime I’ve completed, I found ONE that didn’t completely turn me off. That was for Princess Tutu. Unlike how Death Note is currently being torn to shreds, princess tutu has an all star main cast. Luci Christian, Jessica Boone, and Chris Patton didn’t destroy their characters inside out like Wendee Lee did to Haruhi(I agree. How fake it was made me sick) They actually let their characters talk instead of drowning them out with their own misguided voice. I had to live with knowing Naruto was coming to the US for six months before I watched it die on the premier date due to horribly fake voices and over censorship( If it’s not suitable for kids, make it TV-14 damnit!).

    FUNimation, VIZ, Toei, ADV; they need to think about the soul of what they’re transmitting to the west before the suck the anime they’re licensing so dry that no one will buy anymore. They complain so much about piracy, and they sue the hell out of fandubbers(yugioh abridged anyone?) who do better than their pros. People wouldn’t pirate as much if they would bother to do better than the bare minimum for quality as they over commercialize the product. I thank God Sennen Joyu wasn’t dubbed because the film would have lost it’s character if it had been.
    Now that I’m done rambling, I’m off to bed.

  3. I agree! If Sennen Joyu was dubbed I would probably flip out!! Yeah, it really does make anime U.G.L.Y (Unsuitable goop loopy yacking?! xD)
    I have noticed also that fansubbers do really do a better job than the “pros”. When I watched Death Note dubbed for the first time (I couldn’t watch past the first episode), I almost had some kind of weird anime-dub breakdown @_@
    I think part of the factor is that these ‘big time’ anime companies *cough cough funimation* just grab as much anime as they can get their filthy little hands on that they don’t have time to actually hire talented voice actors.
    I’m still mad that Lucky Star is going to get dubbed…I don’t know by who yet, though. It makes me shudder at the thought o putting Wendee Lee in Konata’s place. =__=

  4. i hate dubs !!! wat more malay dubs ! they should just leave the anime the way it is T.T i watched witch hunter robin in english and in a few episodes i was dead bored with that anime n voice. their voices just cant match the japanese seiyuus. and they dont know how to increase their voices also o.0. i really hate the dubs. i cant imagine haruhi in english ! omg !!! *runs away**throws the dubs away*

  5. I love dubs therefore I’m lazy? LOL. Meh. *shrugs* I like to actually WATCH the anime.If I wanted to read,i’d just grab a book.

  6. That is true, though, reading does create a bit of distraction ^^ But after you watch a few subs you really get used to it and it doesn’t block your line of viewing the actual show at all 😀 I guess it just depends on everyone’s ability to read/watch at the same time 🙂 It’s really just as easy as watching the raw version for most, though.

  7. Let me tell you fucking assholes something. If you don’t like the english dub…DON’T FUCKING WATCH IT!! It’s that simple, a baby could do it, dumbass! Now it’s time for something that a lot of people have gotten into: Naruto. Naruto is supposed to be annoying because it’s part of his damn personality. He’s hyper, childish, and energetic. The reason why they use “Believe it” is so that they can match the lip movements. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I love the Naruto dub and I loved it when he said “Believe it” because it was funny. But guess what happened? Your bitchy-ass whining caused it too be removed! You forced the legendary Steve Blum, who was the kind-hearted producer of the English dub or something, who is also a legendary voice actor, to take it off! That was very cruel and in my opinion, was very disrespectful to Maile Flanagan, Naruto’s english voice. I hope you faggots are happy. You wanna know something else? Steve wanted to get it as close to the original as possible. When I listened to both Maile Flanagan and Junko Takeuchi, they both sounded exactly the same! It’s guys like you eho are starting to kill anime in America. They’re are dubs you really CAN hate, however. Namely 4kids. Believe it, beotch!

  8. And show some damn respect to the actors, jerkwad!

  9. About the voice actors you listed above, are you anti-female or something?

  10. No, I’m not anti-female. It just happens that English males seem to do a heck of a better jobs with dubs.

    I’m not saying all dubs are bad, just most. I also happen to enjoy Naruto’s “Believe it!” And since when was Naruto removed? A fifth movie has been already announced for summer 2008.

    I also do have lots of respect for the voice actors. I know it takes long and tedious hours to sit in a recording studio and match up each line to the animation, especially if it is in a different language than the anime. I definitely have much respect for them. And I don’t even entirely blame the actors for this horrible translations as much as the writers who force them to say the lines.

    And no I am not trying to kill anime to the original, but if you watched an anime in Japanese and really, truly loved it, then saw it imported to America with new voices, changed lines and even names, you would feel the same way. It’s the same as reading a book and feeling an emotional attachment, and then suddenly seeing it printed totally differently and you see people claiming to ‘know’ the book just by the new, cut version.
    If you don’t believe me, just ask some TRUE anime fans.

    With all due respect.

  11. Hahahah, that’s why I almost NEVER watch the dubs. The only shows that I watch in dubs is the ones on TV like BLEACH, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and so on…and in their case it wasnt too bad. They actually did a fair job on keeping the characters’ personalities up with their voices. But the originals are always the best.

    Anything that I buy in DVD I watch in the original Japanese language, NEVER in dubs. I wish I could say the same for games. Like “Tales of the Abyss”, I watched some vids on YouTube with the JP cast and I was like “OMFG!! The JP cast is gorgeous!!”. The english dub cast…*bleh*

  12. Dear Kanzaki,

    You probably think that only one or 2 people are against dubs that why you have the cheek to debate or argue back here using foul languages. Perhaps you don’t know the number of angry mobs who are bitching about dubs. Because it’s not only your country. It’s world nation. (Laughs)

    Now how would you feel if your favorite idol (whether an anime character or singer/whatever shit you like) is acted by a totally different person. The feeling is dumbfuck.

    You’ll be sitting in front of the tv (because you’re too much of a small fart to be meeting anyone in person) complaining, “Hey! That’s not how she talks! That’s not how the character is….etc”.

    Above all — If anime dubs are really dying in America due to the number of complains, it shows how many people are not satisfied. Beat that or bite the dust.

  13. I’m not gonna force my opinion down anyone’s throat, it’s just that it can go too far and forces peer pressure on other people, causes people to make unfair judgements, and causes wrongful persecution. It’s just really annoying and unfair and there are some things that we just have to accept.

  14. I have a lot more things to say, talk, and rant about.

    1. Naruto characters’ clothing- Naruto wears an orange jacket with a black undershirt and orange pants. Sasuke wears a blue turtleneck shirt, white shorts, and white arm coverings. Many people have made fun and insulted Naruto because of his clothing and then compare him to mainly Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden). They say Ryu is the “perfect” example of a ninja. I’m going to be honest: words can’t describe how rude and disrespectful that is to Masashi Kishimoto. Masashi is the creator of the anime. You can’t tell her what the characters should wear and shouldn’t wear. You can’t boss her around on what characters she makes and their personalities. She is the creator, only she has power over her own anime! You can’t do a thing! You can’t do jack crap!

    2. People actually saying that dubs should be banned- Uh…yeah, that’s impossible. But 4Kids can be if there is way! What 4Kids is doing is butchery, defamation, and defacing of art and it needs to be a crime! I think it already is. But with guys like Viz, who did an excellent job on dubbing Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note, and Funimation, the good guys who dubbed good-old DBZ, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, and Yuyu Haukusho, you can’t do a thing. You are powerless.

    3. Fansubs- There are 2 things wrong with fansubs, 1 of which may be a felony. A- Subtitles are annoying because you have to stop in order to read them and B- These are bootlegged and pirated! You probably don’t understand this because you’re trying to be cool by watching illegal copies.

    On a different note, Konohagakure is literally translated to “village hidden in the leaves.”

    4. Voices- “Sasuke and Orochimaru sound like pedoes!” “Naruto and Kon are do f#$@ing annoying!” “Light sounds like an angsty emo teen!” SHUT THE F#$@ UP AND QUIT WHINING LIKE BABIES!! Don’t whine about the voices and insult them! Worry about edits and cuts.

    5. Things kept from the original Japanese- It seems that not even things kept from the original like blood, smoking, and mild language, the original language, and original names will make you happy. The Bleach dub kept the original names, they kept Zanpakuto, they kept Seireitei, they kept Hueco Mundo, they kept Menos Grande, they kept blood and swearing. The Naruto dub kept the original names and language, translated the jutsu’s very well, kept blood, and mild language. I mean in one episode of the dub during the written test of the Chinin Exams, Kiba is outraged and shouts “Wait a minute! That’s bull!” And in another episode during the Chunin Preliminaries, Naruto is caught in a trap and says “This sucks.” In Death Note (this is the one that pisses me off the most) they kept the original language and names and translated it at the same time, they kept shinigami, and they kept the name of the notebook. Funimation has left the same things from the original in some of the animes they dub. These things are left untouched but you people still whine, bitch, complain, moan, groan, bicker, and gripe about it! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN ORDER TO BE SATISFIED?!
    There’s a lot more things I could talk about.

    In short, if there is an anime you don’t like THEN DON’T F&%#ING WATCH IT! Dear God! It’s that simple a baby could figuring it out in no time! If your anger over dubbed animes simply can’t contained then take it out on 4Kids, thoses guys are rascist. But if there is an anime you don’t like that is not dubbed by 4Kids, instead if argueing and ranting about it, remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT. That’s okay. Without argueing ,ranting, flaming, trolling, and bashing, we can avoid some bloodshed.

  15. Also, there are some english voices out there that nearly perfectly match the japanese voice.

  16. Quote from Kanzaki: “If you don’t like the english dub…DON’T FUCKING WATCH IT!!” and “… YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATCH IT”.

    My reply: If you don’t like this…. DON’T F******* READ THIS!! You don’t even need to come back here to reply”.
    It’s not gonna change anything.

  17. Whatever. Guys like you are scum that are killing anime in America. Just get over it and don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Simple as that.

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  19. You guys wanna konw something? Maile Flanagan (Naruto’s English actor) actually got a death threat from someone who was most likely really sick of Naruto saying “believe it”. Why does everyone hate “believe it” and the entire anime because of “believe it”? I don’t get it! I was in no way annoyed when I heard him say it. Anyway, yeah, she actually got a death threat. Someone was actually threatening to kill her!! What if that actually happened?! What will most likely happen is that you will be resonsible and you’ll probably be charged with murder and get the life or death sentence! So be careful of what you say so you won’t get locked up! Believe it, you persecuting jerks! By the way, THIS WAS REAL.

  20. It’s best to keep some things to ourselves.

  21. As has already been said, if you’re offended, don’t read it. Simple as that.

    As for me…I personally find Naruto bearable, but that’s because I watched it first in English, and have actually seen little of the Japanese. However, FUNImation’s murdering of D.N.Angel…I’m afraid that will remain in my mind forever. If I ever need to throw up, I’ll just have to recall the memory of hearing my precious “Byakuya ~True Light~” stabbed to death.

    And then there’s the fact that some very, very interesting anime hasn’t been licensed in the US yet {such as Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! and Futakoi Alternative}. That’s how some people become FANS of a series. And then we get devoted to the seiyuus, and we consider it kind of a defamation when some absolutely trashy script is given to the English voice cast, and the voice cast themselves have flat, too-thick voices, and some can’t even pronounce Japanese correctly! {Take Death Note for example…”Takada” and “Yagami” are absolutely KILLED O.O.}

    And there is still yet the cultural experience of watching something and not hearing your native tongue. It opens your mind, or at least it did for me. Made me realize there are places in the world other than my own country, places that I’d like to visit. And, you can somewhat learn Japanese by the subs and careful listening. I don’t really advocate subbed anime/J-Dramas/J-Music videos as ways to actually LEARN everyday Japanese, the grammar, etc., but you can pick up phrases such as “Aishiteru”, “kawaii”, and everyone’s favorite, “baka”, pretty easily.

    Also, the fact that Japanese is very difficult should not be overlooked. If it was translated directly into English and spoken like that, it would sound very weird, very different from our normal way of speaking. Japanese citizens are generally more polite than we are in America, and there are different ways of speaking, given the situation. {Such as, with close friends and family, a job interview, school, etc.} If the translators would just round out the edges a bit, I don’t think people would have that much of a problem.

    And of course the bad edits. DX 4Kids is the worst, but FUNi isn’t far behind. Oh FUNi…I dread what you shall do to Ouran High School Host Club.

  22. You guys just simply won’t allow anime over here, will you? The Naruto, DBZ, new One Piece, Death Note, and all other GOOD dubs out there are already getting or have gotten popular despite the crap you morons spew. Anime is one of this world’s most famous and popular art styles no matter where it appears. Nothing you do can change that! And did you completley ignore me saying that Maile Flanagan, a well experienced actor despite her age, COULD’VE BEEN KILLED! I have nothing else to say because you guys and other guys like you are completely messed up. SCREW YOU.

  23. Believe it!

  24. @ Yume

    First, believe me when I say this: 4kids is the anime anti-Christ, but some the actors there are very talented who really do care about the anime they’re voicing in. Funimation and Viz Media, however, are trying to protect anime and they try to get it as close to the original as possible by watching the Japanese version first before translation and stuff. Funimation and Viz Media are very good dubbing companies who did an excellent job on Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, DBZ, D.N. Angel even though I’ve never seen it but I guarantee it’s good, Yuyu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, and the new and improved One Piece. Second, don’t us people who watch and enjoy dubs like me what to do and don’t shove words back down my throat. I’m going to speak my mind.

    What does any of that crap you said have to do with enjoying the anime whether it’s English or not? Music is kept from the original in pretty much all animes except for DBZ but Funimation made uncut DVDs with the original score of that and One Piece. The same goes for Viz Media with Naruto nad Bleach. Names are surely kept and pronounced like in Japan yet you still complain. When are you going to accept the fact that nothing can stop anime’s growing popularity? Who cares if characters “don’t sound the way they should” or “that’s not the name of the technique”? As long as it’s good an enjoyable there’s nothing to worry about.

  25. This is a dub board, correct? Then all you guys are argueing about who does the English voice of a character. Edits are changeing things so it can suit the target audience. Also, Japan has no censorship laws whatsoever. And we simplt can’t learn about Japan by just watching anime, you know, even if it’s famous and popular art style, Yume.

  26. Dubbing is simply translation of the Japanese script.

  27. Do you dumbasses even know what a dub is? Let me explain and listen good. Dubbing is the process of taking a foreign script from a show, play, etc., and translating it into English. If there are voice overs, we translate what they say and hire a group of English speaking actors to do those lines. Edits and cuts are things taken out so it can suit the target audience. So all you whiners are argueing about is who does the English voice of a character. You say that the Japanese act better that us. Are you saying that, no matter how good we are, English voice actors are bad or can’t act at all? Are you fucking serious? If so then you got problems. You guys can’t even speak Japanese for goodness sake. That is unless a language class at school. You guys are the worst scum of haters of anime in America. Anime is growing more popular and popular everyday and sooner or later it’s going to have to be dubbed into English. Also, you’re using the term Americanization wrong. Dubbing is not Americanization. Changing Kenpachi Zaraki’s name to Kenneth Paul Zachary is Americanization.

  28. Kanzaki’s right. You guys are persecuting your own culture when it comes to animation.

  29. Seriously. It’s really dicriminatory to say these kinds of things.

  30. To you guys it’s better to whine and complain than simply changeing the channel and watching something else. A lot you guys get just plain disrespectful, too. Maile Flanagan is one of my favorite actresses despite that she’s a lesbian which I don’t care about. She was bombarded with hateful comments about her appearance, voice, age, gender, lesbiansm, and even recieved death threats. You guys don’t seem to care. Moms always say that it’s what on the inside that counts, not appearances. Talent is what’s important. You fail to relize that for some wierd reason. Jackoffs.

  31. You a-holes have no respect for your own country when it comes to anime. Talent is what matters! Believe it!

  32. You guys aren’t even Japanese for God sakes.

  33. Hmm. Looks like this board pissed alotta people off. Learning about another country doesn’t give you the right to discriminate and persecute your own, dipshits. Believe it indeed! And watching bootlegged subs won’t learn you anything, it’ll just make you fanbrats and nobody likes a fanbrat.

  34. If a dub doesn’t appeal to you then don’t freakin’ watch it and don’t bitch. Just change the channel or go back to watching crappy pirated fansubs that make people swear every few seconds. We don’t want to hear your bullshit! Believe it!

  35. I’ve been studying you guys a lot lately. You want to learn about another country and that gives you the right to persecute and discriminate your own? My ass. “Oh yeah, like, totally! I think it’s my opinion, which is, like, not really an opinion or any stuff like that, that these people who, like, work their hardest day and night and never hurt anybody in any sorta way or whatever and have treated their kindly and stuff, should be persecuted for, like, no reason at all.” Scum. Nothing but scum.

  36. No doubt about it……99% of anime dubs suck MAJOR ass. they can’t even get the names right, let alone the feeling, and personality of the chratcer. And Naruto…the dub is HORENDOUS. “Belive it” is one of the most retarded catchlunes ever. I’m GLAD they removed it, and it’s a victory (small) for all REAL anime fans. Sure, it’s still not even remotley as good as the original, but it’s a step in the right direction. What PISSES me off more is that DVDs have the (piece of shit) english dub on default and I have to change it every time. I wish all dubs would just dissapear . And you you people who don’t like subs…lear to READ. Oh…I have to stop the picture to read the text……..if you can’t even read a line of text while watching a moving picture (sure it might take a couple of days to get used to it) you don’t even DESERVE anime you looser

  37. @ DmonHiro
    That’s…got to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. Every bit of it. Believe it.

  38. You guys just don’t get it, do you? Discriminating and abandoning your own culture for another? That’s sick. Believe it. No matter how talented the actors are (except 4kids), no matter how things stay the same(Shinigami=reaper) you guys just won’t give up.

  39. If guys like this were going to be such a disease for anime in America, somebody shoulda told me. And yor calling it an opinion to forsake your own acting culture? Really fucked up. Believe it.

  40. Naruto says dattebayo in the Japaneses FAR MORE frequently than beieve it. All you dub haters do is spread hate and peer pressure to your own culture. So they couldn’t find a translation for dattebayo, who cares and what’s the big deal? Believe it is used as a mirror effect for dattebayo and when taking literally, you guys are acting against what you’re trying to protect. What do I think about when I hear the word mirror? I think of myself becuase I see myself in a mirror. Believe it, bitches! I also think Naruto isn’t the same without believe it. Assholes.


  42. @DmonHiro
    If I don’t read then why do I go to school? It’s a niusance to pause in subs becuase the text moves too quick. There also very innacurate and they have some characters swear too much and I can find errors that IS NOT ENGRISH. I have to replay that text after reading in order to correctly hear it. I have to read in order to underestand anime? What kind of idiocy is that? Fanfucks like you ruin all the fun in the animes I watch. Go to hell. Believe it, you japanophiles. I like how we got a revolution on this board. We got logic and you don’t. Right, Orochi? Right, Aoshi6? Right, Kanzaki55? Am I right?

  43. When it comes to language, I believe a true anime fan doesn’t have to prefer any language of any anime and force it on others, but you guys throw that out the window. I see why they call you japanophiles.

  44. 99% are bad? That shows you’re a japanophile. I rest my case.

  45. Why don’t you japanophiles fuck off already? Believe it!

  46. You otaku dumbasses do realize your watching things that are pirated, right?

  47. Beleive it was removed because of you idiot otakus. Thanks to you I won’t be able enjoy the animes I watch and I don’t think Naruto will be the same. I’ll have to live in fear of you japanophile otakus forever. Go to hell. Believe it.

  48. Let me redo that. I believe a true anime doesn’t need to have a preferance of any anime of any kind of any version or language.

  49. Anime fan.

  50. You guys are just jealous by our professional actors. How sad.

  51. Our American actors. Poor, poor, japanophiles.

  52. “Beleive it was removed because of you idiot otakus. Thanks to you I won’t be able enjoy the animes I watch and I don’t think Naruto will be the same. I’ll have to live in fear of you japanophile otakus forever. Go to hell. Believe it.”

    It was? Well then….let me write that one down as another victory. Oh wait….I’m sorry……you’re not very good at reading are you? How disrespectful of me. I should have recorded myself saying this and sent you the ausio file, so you don’t have to strain those poor little eyes of your with this evil, evil text. HAHAHAHAHAHA! God, you amuse me. And they are YOUR american actors. I’m not american, genius.

  53. This actually happened.

    (Random anime Fan ” How did you feel watching your show in English?”

    Yasuyuki Ueda “I did not understand it but I never intended for people to read my shows” )

  54. @DmonHiro:

    You do know that the Creators of Naruto approved the American Dub actors themselves right?

  55. Unn. I don’t mind the dubs. Not even 4Kids anymore. Hating the dubs is a waste of effort and brain space, and it isn’t as bad as people let themselves believe. So what if the voices aren’t exactly the same. No two people have the exact same voice, so get over it.

  56. You’re weeaboo and a faggot. I just thought you should know.

  57. Idiotic idiot is fucking idiotic.

    Go watch the English dub of Cromartie High School, compare it to the Japanese, and retreat to your corner to shit bricks of shame.

  58. Poor thing. You’re SO busy reading subtitles and kissing Japanese ass that you’ve rotted your own brain. Have you ever actually sat down and listened to the Japanese VA’s? A lot of them suck balls, but you’re to busy reading to pay much attention.

    So go drown yourself, ok?

  59. You guys ish mean!! DX

  60. Lets just agree that unless your willing to go put your money where you mouth is and tell the VA’s to their face that they suck and what is wrong with their voice acting abilitoes or unless your willing to go try and be what you consider is an awsome voice actor then do us a favor and get a life.

  61. really maybe if you get off your high horse you might enjoy some of the dubs. Those VA give it everything they got just to please people like you, and what do. You tell them it’s crap

  62. If you ask me, all of you sound like complete retards. Shit, people like what they want, and hate what they want, who cares. I love dubs, I love subs, I loved every dub I’ve ever seen except the Comic Party dub, but I also just hated Comic Party all together. (The first time I bought it, I never have seen it, and when I did, I hated it the same…in both languages.) If you all know so weell, why don’t you try being part of the dub, see how EASY it is. They work long, hard hours in a recording studio, even if their voice is practically dead they still have to work.

  63. What…???

    Really, there’s nothing wrong with the dubs. They’re legal (not like the subbed version). And why do you hate the voice actors? They work really hard to do their job, and I don’t think it’s fair to them that you hate them because you think everything made in Japan is superior.

  64. @Kanzaki55
    God what a narutard/weeaboo.
    Did you just learn english?

  65. Ok Honostly…What The Hell is wrong with you people…Obviously something that was japanese is not going to sound the same in english Who Gives A Fuck… do you have nothing better to do but analyse voices on animes, honostly, stop worrying about how diffrent the voices are and start worrying about the shows themselves like how stupid Zatchbell is

  66. I gotta disagree with you here… honestly, I thought the Haruhi Suzumiya dub wasn’t half bad. The dub for Naruto sounded great. Compare Naruto’s Japanese voice to his English one, and they sound almost EXACTLY the same. ;>>

    And the Death Note dub wasn’t half bad when you think about it, considering it was a shitty anime to begin with… -prefers the manga-

  67. To be completely honest, most dub-haters only hate dubs because they don’t understand the japanese language, and, therefore, can’t hear just how corny and mediocre the japanese voice actors actually are. That’s just the way it goes. -_-

  68. It’s only 4Kids that is evil.

  69. I mean, 4Kids turns an anime into a mindless piece of drivel.

  70. i hate 4kids

  71. They should do subs. I bet they’d get a heck of a lot more money from that too. I’m gonna see if there’s a specific reason for no subs on tv D:. And for those who can’t read well, scanning would work. You don’t HAVE to read ALL the text.

  72. Inorgant Assholes! that’s what you dub-haters are! I hate Naruto but i heard the dub once and it was amazing. And the One Piece Funimation Dub is amazing too, why should anime companies make profit on subs only? that’s more idiotic than saying Funimation and Viz Media should be destroyed! Dubs are the only thing that profits the U.S. anime company! watching fansubs damages the anime industry in both America and Japan! and Japanese Anime companies considering Americans watching the anime in English subs instead of English dubs worse that it getting raped by 4kids! i watch english subs, but now i’ll only watch english subs of any anime not lisenced, otherwise i watch the dub. People hated Naruto saying “Believe it” not only because it was annoying, because the English Naruto didn’t saying “Dattebyo”!

  73. Wow…I’m sorry, I have to write here after reading all of that.
    I’m going to state some things right off the bat so we don’t get too confused:

    I am Asian! (ok, so i can’t be a weeaboo and I’m not an otaku either. btw “otaku” is equivalent to what American’s call a “nerd” or “geek” , “socially inept” with the exception that they love “anime” a lot – not a good thing and not something you should be proud to be called of)

    anyway, I have seen both the dubbed and undubbed version of animes.

    NOT ALL dubs are bad. some of them are very good and nicely done.

    BUT (there’s always a “but”) many (remember not all) are not so good. This is because the English language doesn’t have as many pitch as the Asian language. To us, Asians the dubs will never sound right. (but to americans it’s fine cuz you never grew up hearing or speaking with so many pitches) The English dubs sounds very flat and dead to us (I’m talking about the dubs are aren’t done well, not the ones which are nicely dubbed). Also sometimes the voices doesn’t match the personality of the characters. Like the english voice for a character who is very cute and young don’t sound like it and sounds older than the character’s appearance. If you listen to both the original and then the English, you can tell the differences. for instance in the script a warning shout (something like “wait a minute”) in Japanese would be pronounced like: “chOtto-MAte!” (with the capital letters emphasizing the rise in pitch) the English pronunciation however would only be: “wait a minute” with no rise in pitch but a rise in loudness. that’s one reason why Asians find the English dubbing harder to accept because with the lack of pitch, it sounds flat and dead to our ears, making the characters seem to be very stiff and have no life. (once again i’m reminding you all that i’m talking about the animes that were horriblely dubbed…NOT the GOOD ONES) (it’s also sad to say but sometimes the fan-dubbers DO do a better job)

    another thing i find hard to accept is the amount of the original script that is lost through editing and translation. Trust me when i tell you that some jokes are funnier in japanese then in english. in anime our culture is instilled into it, so many jokes will be lost to the americans. when the script gets translated the editors takes out lots of things because americans just won’t understand. they also cut scenes that are normal to the japanese but can be considered rated r for americans. (japanese are known to be perverted) with the cut and lost, american dubbed anime looses a lot of its appeal and it makes it difficult for me to even bother with it. reason why i like fan-subbing is because many of the fan-sub are either japanese themselves or understand japanese very well (and here i’m referring to the good and reliable fan-subbing and not the bad ones) the fan-subbing try to translate as literal as possible so many of the jokes and cultures are not lost. that’s one reason i try to get my friends to watch the original with subs with me instead of watching the dub. and yes, once you get use to see the words from good subs where the lines don’t flashes away within seconds, it’s easy to watch and understand the anime. (but that also depends on the person -some of my friends picked it up very quickly and have no problems. others can’t do it)

    Now before you go: “well if you don’t like don’t watch the english dubs” i would like to state that i do just that. I general rarely watch english dubs after my first couple of times with my english friends. and i basically don’t care whether or not you watch it dub or sub.
    But what DO bother me is how many american fans act. I’m sorry, but NO, just because you watch the anime and you love the show and whatnot, you do NOT understand all of it. (once again the reasons are listed above) PLEASE stop acting like you do. we can talk about it and enjoy it together, but NOT when you are going to be like japanese-wanna-bees and try to use butchered japanese with me. NOT when you try to lecture me about the anime as if you KNOW it better than anyone else. NOT when you try to be like an Asian when you clearly are not. It’s great you enjoy our culture and stuff, but don’t try to be it! it’s not only rude but it’s offensive. PLEASE STOP!!!!!

    (p.s. i hate to say this but i actually really hated the English version of Naruto’s voice. I understand that he is suppose to be this bright, happy, annoying kid, but the english dub was TOO annoying. if she toned it down a bit it wouldn’t be so bad. if you listen to the japanese version Naruto’s voice is still annoying but also have a boyish innocent to it – not just annoying. he is loud but there is also a tone that makes him seems solemn and wise if you caught him off guard like someone who live through a lot. in the english dub, Naruto is just plain annoying. it really hurts my ears and it takes about more depth to naruto’s character. remember, naruto have a demon sealed inside of him, he being a prankster and annoying kid is because he really wants attention from people, in the inside he is lonely. to by nothing but annoying and cheery doesn’t tell the whole story. the voice and tone are important to bring all that out because it will not only make a more impact than the drawing itself but it also brings out the emotions that all human have. try to fake cry and you can tell the difference on how it really sound like when you really are crying. when you really are crying you won’t sound like when you are ok, instead you can hear the cracks and vocal changes. that’s why the pitches are so important. english dubbed naruto don’t have change in pitches, but all it does have is the loudness when angry or something- which happens in many bad dubbings. as for the whole “believe it”, i really don’t think it matters all that much if the english have it. i mean “dattebyo” can be pretty annoying too, and if you say “believe it” in the right tone it’s pretty cool to have. besides, naruto NEED to have a catch-phrase. and finally, it’s sad but true for ANY foreign nation that do not speak japanese, american can’t pronounce japanese names right. but that’s expected and it’s no one’s fault. the hell, you know that japanese and chinese use some of the same writing characters? well, guess what, even when they have some of the same writing charaters, the pronunciation is wayyyyyyy~ different. for example for young girl, in japanese it’s pronounced “shoujo” in chinese even though it’s the same character, it’s pronounced “shao nu”. so no able to say the japanese names right is NO ONE’s fault! they tried ok!)

    so, yea. that’s all i have to say. ^_^

  74. Obviously both subbed and dubbed animes have their merits, and the people who are taking sides really arn’t seeing the whole picture.
    I like both, and watch the dub whenever its available and not unbearable (not all dubs are perfect, but there are some great ones out there). I don’t like them making them childish, but I understand that there are often uncut versions that don’t edit out blood and stuff. I watch them in english because I speak english, and its easier to understand and to relax while enjoying if you watch the dubs. Subs are also great and I love getting extra insight into the anime and often the voices are better. I love both.
    and I watched Ouran high school host club dub, it was done really well, apart from haruhi’s voice being really low. I apreciated how well they pronounced the names (well, that is they sort of hardened the r’s and they often put the honourifics on the end, and just overall sounded right. I thought that was good, but I’m no expert.) I loved the voice acting. Tamaki’s voice was really good, plenty of expression there.

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  76. One thing for sure.. I’ve met Brina Palencia, she’s a bitch.. She’s not very nice and she’s really pissy.. She’s one of the many American voice actors I’ve come to despise because they aren’t very nice. I would rather stick with the Japanese dubs than support those stuck up ass wipes.

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