Anime Withdrawl Part 1 xD

Recently, I haven’t had time to watch much anime D: This has resulted in a spiraling chain reaction of misfortunes due to my anime withdrawal symptoms. You can tell I really need to start watching anime when I start writing stuff like this…

Chiarin’s Guide to Those Suffering Anime Withdrawl:

Part 1: Recognizing Your Problem
Have you been recently feeling oddly depressed? Have you been thinking of things such as colorful hair, intriguing plot lines, or cute chibis when you should have been paying attention to something else? Have you not seen an anime show within a week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely are suffering the disease Japanese alacritas secedo. In other words, Anime Withdrawl Syndrome. AWS can occur in nearly anyone who has seen an anime show or movie, though it puts you at a 90% more risk if you are or were in the ‘otaku’ category.

Do not panic! AWS is a curable, physiological disorder recently discovered to mankind. You will likely not find it in text books since some scientists declare that it is a ‘made-up’ disorder. But those who have or are suffering it know that it is very, very, real.

AWS is not highly contagious, though those around the one who is affected can-though not directly-feel it’s wrath.

Here are a few situations when AWS can run rampant or be easily caught:

A) A home situation. AWS is easily spread in this environment. If the TV or computer are banned and/or broken, these seemingly innocent electronic devices can send out devastating waves of this disorder to those in the household. This can be especially dangerous if those affected cannot access a computer or television at a public location, school, university or friend’s house during ‘anime prime time’. It can also become serious when a younger or older member of the house takes control of the electronics and will not give them up, even under the otaku’s desperate pleads.

B) A school/university situation. Here, the otaku is trapped for hours on end, learning non-anime/manga things, only to be burdened with excessive projects and homework keeping the otaku from anime at home as well. This is probably the most common cause of AWS.

Chiasa M. Anime PhD ??!!? ><


Maybe there will be a part two if I find the time again xD Well, this was a really weird post…look forward to more in  the future ^^


~ by 100yen :D on December 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Anime Withdrawl Part 1 xD”

  1. This is educational. (Laughs)
    Truthfully, otakus don’t live a very healthy life style. Some can be too engross with anime that they reject reality and I would say that majority of the anime obsess people are easily depressed.

    (Is the above out of topic?) (.__.){?] Baa~

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the continuation of this entry.

  2. xD Education is #1 (sort of…)
    And don’t worry, it;s not out of topic!!!
    The otaku lifestyle can easily get out of hand, though, like you said. I suppose it becomes addicting like chocolate or cigarettes xD Maybe some day in the near future they’ll have some kind of Otaku Treatment/ Rehabilitation Center…it wouldn’t really surprise me >w<

  3. Indeed.
    Hopefully, my future children will not have to be enrolled to such a rehab center!
    I wonder how much the fees will cost…

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