Perfect Blue

 Perfect Blue



Once again, I am highly impressed with Satoshi Kon’s work! I think I can officially count myself in his fandom as of seeing this movie. It was absolutely stunning and haunting. I know it came out ten years ago, but I wouldn’t even be able to remember it then, so I’ll have to review it a bit late ^^

I was really happy and excited about seeing more of Satoshi Kon’s work after seeing his 2001 movie, Millennium Actress, and after watching Perfect Blue, I was truly delighted to see that a lot of the same factors were carried throughout both films, though they were still their own separate stories and altogether films.

An extremely confusing movie to watch at first, I was stunned at the overall deepness of it. I literally had to go back and watch some scenes over and over until it finally started to click. I love those kinds of movies. You watch them and they’re fantastic…but then you think about them and you realize they’re genius. That’s the kind of movie Perfect Blue is.

If you are not ready for some violent and hardcore scenes, I suggest you check out the censored or edited version first, because it is a ‘mature’ movie.

Mima is a pop-idol-gone-actress (cough cough sennen joyu) in order to keep up the industry and trends and soon lands herself in a small role in a drama series called ‘Double Bind’. After being forced to go through some excruciatingly painful (mentally and physically) scenes, she begins to slowly unravel as her ‘true self’ begins showing up and mocking her. Soon, a chain series of murders begins occurring to everyone who helps Mima pursue her acting career. Eventually, this madness continues until Mima’s ‘twin’ actually begins physically attacking her-this is when we know Mima’s conscience is not merely an illusion. The whole thing wraps up in one neat, dreamy, foggy, artistic and meaningful story that will shake your mind into questioning reality.

Please visit one of these sites for more information on ‘Perfect Blue’ >w< (…’cause I’m gonna have to keep this post short–More on this movie later ^__=)

Rating: \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o  ((4 of 5))


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  1. hi hi !!! oo perfect blue.. i will try and find if its on youtube and would try watching it XD because i need to find good animes… lol XD sometimes they just run out T.T

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