Ninja Akasaka


YAY! Today was the first snow here, I am so happy 😀 The weather people said we’d only get 1-2 inches of snow, but now I’d say it’s well on it’s way to half a foot (maybe even a foot–I’m not good at glance-measuring things)! I am so excited! I just love the snow…the sledding, the skiing….the taste xD Yes, I like eating it…but Arisu says that it’s acid snow, probably just to freak me out….I hope. Well, anyway, onto the actual article ^–^


Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Probably one of the most unique-if not the most-restaurants I have ever heard of. Is it like the Japanese equivalent of the Rainforest Cafe (a popular rainforest-themed restaurant)? The whole place inside is ‘ninja’ themed xD Meaning, black, black, and more black. To get to your table you follow a ninja-dressed waiter/waitress who leades you through a series of dark halls and crevices until you reach your equally as mysterious table.

You eat pretty much typically, except that you are eating off SHRUIKEN m(゚Д゚)m ~!!!!

It certainly is a novel place, and they also hold events and gatherings such as birthdays and weddings. Yes, you too can have a Ninja wedding.

Well, this one is going to have to be  short post!! Gomen!

Ninja Aakasaka Official Site:  >>Click<<


~ by 100yen :D on December 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ninja Akasaka”

  1. Holy zen!
    The restaurant looks good!
    I bet eating there will give a good traditional Japanese atmosphere!
    Have you tried eating there before?
    Is it costly? And where is it located?
    Oh wait… I can find that out by going to the official site. (Laughs)

  2. xD I haven’t eaten there before…but I really want to!!! I believe it is located in Tokyo and New York? It might be other places too, but I’ll have to check the site @__@ I hope it’s not too expensive >w<

  3. If you ever do eat there… Take pictures of the food!
    *Drools in advance*

  4. I will I will! @__@ It looks really good…
    Hopefully it won’t be scary-with all the ninjas popping out from nowhere and such >w<

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