Sushi Pack — A Cartoon About Sushi

Okay, one of the newest kid’s shows on television is a little show called SUSHI PACK. @__@

I saw a commercial for it and decided to do a little research…

The story revolves around a ‘super hero’ group called sushi pack. They consist of…take a guess…, really….. SUSHI.  Yes, a children’s show about talking, meditating, fighting sushi. The group includes a little guy named Wasabi (keep in mind, all these characters are made of what their names are), who is made of wasabi mustard; Kani, who is made of crab sushi with crab pinching pigtails; Ikura, who is made of salmon egg sushi and shoots gooey fish eggs at his foes @_@; Maguro, who is made of tuna sushi and can focus her ‘inner tuna’ and has strange physic powers; and Tako, who is made of octopus sushi and can shoot colorful ink.

Weird? Yes. Edible? Maybe. Cute? HECK YES!!

I want to squeee the lights out of those little guys xD Especially Wasabi, he’s just plain cute n tiny! (The actual size of these characters is only slightly larger than real sushi :3)

The problem is, that whenever I see them I want to eat them.

Okay, that’s kind of a big problem.


The Sushi Pack fight their enemies, the  Legion of the Low Tide, which consists of the Titanium chef, a bad sushi chef; Fugu, a bouncer-looking blowfish; Mochi Mochiato, a scoop of rice-topped ice cream; Toro, a huge sumo tuna roll; Unagi, a ‘mutated’  electric eel; and Uni, a maniacal sea-urchin with evil tendencies.

. …. Not so appetizing (except maybe Mochi-san ^–^<3)



Well, I would suggest this ….unique….. show if you are in the mood for the something cute and easy to understand ^^


 :::: Sushi Pack Official Homepage ::::


~ by 100yen :D on December 4, 2007.

13 Responses to “Sushi Pack — A Cartoon About Sushi”

  1. A~ah!
    Sounds very kawaii!
    The Japanese people are sure very creative!
    Using sushi and food as an entertainment cartoon can certainly attract children to watch educational and moral-filled programs!

    I can’t eat Wasabi.. (;__; ) *Tears* Can you?

  2. I can’t either D: The first time I had it was when my uncle tricked me into eating a dried chunk of wasabi saying something like, “Oh, it’s not that bad, try it, it’s good!” I practically exploded xD
    The second time I had it was when we went to a Ginza restaurant and I had ordered some maki which came with a little pile of thin salmon, which I didn’t know was covered in wasabi, and I took a huge bite.
    I can’t deal with spicy stuff /(TT_TT)\

  3. We both are totally deprive from wasabi and other spicy food!
    Seriously, it’s a wonder how people can eat so much of those and how come we can’t!

    *pats Chiasa*
    Next time you eat, look out for the green stuff before consuming it. (^v^)/

  4. They dont look like sushi

  5. Hai Hai ^-^! Green stuff = enemy?! Sigh~*** That is good advice, though…
    “Be wary of consumption of the green substance.”

    And anonymous, your right, they don’t look like sushi at all >x< But they sure are cute!

  6. I thought the show was American Made?

    It sure is cute though! I’ve watched every one-minute clip I could find online! Can’t get the real thing without any TV though 😦 Darn.

  7. First off I thought it was THE CUTEIST THING EVER!!! I’M A SUCKER FOR GIANT AND TINY PEOPLE (There fit in the palm of your hand!) even thou I hate sea food of any kind. The characters are funny and inteligent with realizem and lots of intouseasom, and Ben (the human they live with) is cute too! But where did they come from, who made them, and if people like it why so little info on Wikipedia! I think my cuz’s like wasob.

  8. I heard about that show, but I haven’t been able to see it.

  9. It’s not created in Japan.

  10. shaweet, I played the game on their website, I won ^___^
    It is SO awesome!!!!!!
    never tried wasabi, sounds nasty!!!!!!

  11. WOW! I stumbled on your site . I am one of the lead designers for the cartoon. I’m glad you like it. If you want more of a fix, check out . Sushi Pack episodes and games are there. You can also check out my art over at Let me know what you think..

  12. THE show is awesome i really like the crab pigtails one!:D

  13. Thank you for your site 😉
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    my backgrounds:
    take care and thank you again!

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