Lucky Star ~ Episode 17!

Well, well!!!

As every Lucky Star episode does, this one got me to thinking >:3

Do sisters absorb traits from each other?

That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say YES. At least for me >w< I’m a middle sister of three xO And I think I did get a bit from both Arisu and Miyuki (my sister, not the Lucky Star character xD) …. Which could be either bad or good @__@ *cough cough* Yet I am the only one that has to wear glasses… Well, Miyuki has contacts, ….but……

Isn’t it strange how in anime the trend is growing to make younger sisters actually look older than their older sisters!? I can’t figure out why… is it an otaku turn-on or something @__@ who knows…?

Future Plans

I never really thought about it…but I guess I want to be a surgeon!!! Actually, wait…I have thought about it, but it’s kinda early for me D:

I think Kagami would make a good lawyer, though! She just has that look about her.. And Tsukasa would be a great chef!!! I can picture her having her own cooking show, something like, “Moe Moe Time With Tsukasa: Happy Cooking Fun!” xD But that’s why I love her!

This also kind of reminds me of what I am going through now @__@ Picking my top three choices for high school…when Miyuki applied for high school, she visited 5 different schools! I only visited three TT–TT I feel somewhat unprepared……

Speaks for itself….

Reading Enriches the Soul…except light novels…

I like reading good books, but the more ‘socially refined’ I get, well, it just doesn’t do that much to me. But the more I watch anime, the more my soul is enriched. Lets say…books are like potato chips. They are tasty at the moment, but you don’t really remember them when you are done (well, some), but anime, anime is like a great big tasty vegetable soup with thick warm broth and salty crackers in the side with a big glass of milk ಠ_ಠ It just sticks to ya.


Man, I’ve seen some nasty things (like when Arisu tried to feed me oatmeal with pepper and salt) but not quite as bad as wasabi octopus gone seriously, horribly wrong. Few things in the world compare to that mushy, moldy, mess…

(octopus blurred out for the physical and mental safety of the audience)

Family time 😀

In this episode, we really get to know the Hiiragi family ^^ Which consists of the twins Kagami and Tsukasa, the two older sisters Inori and Matsuri and a mother and father 🙂

How cute ^–^ They really do make a good family @__@

You are what you choose as a career (as well as eat ^^)

Okay…this guy takes that to the next level…

MEITO ANIZAWA!! This dude is crazy…but that’s why we love him, ne?!

Uhh…er….Lucky Channel has gotten an EXTREMEMEN#@ MAKEOVER@:L<
!!! ~ ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ


Another song by the marvelous Minoru Shiraishi-saaaaannnnnn~! BON BON O-ENDAN! Yes…he was signing ‘Motteke! Sailorfuku!” I’ve been listening to this song non-stop on my Minoru Shiraishi no Otoko Lullabye CD xD The very beginning spoken part of the song translates to, “Hello ladies! Are you unsatisfied with your husbands?”!?! What the…!/ Well, anyways…










~ by 100yen :D on December 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lucky Star ~ Episode 17!”

  1. heys, thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for commenting! I really feel happy and excited to interest you with neopets. hehe 😀

  2. i love neopets and lucky star there cool XD

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