Self Contemplative?! …=__=#

Okay….for some reason…I’m thinking why I even called this blog 100 yen in the first place?! LOL not like I’m gonna change the name or anything but ^–^;;

Maybe its because 50 Yen would sound too much like a rapper..? 1,000 yen is just too long-and plus when it reaches 1,000 its turns from a note to a coin O_O poof<z3 And Japan is thinking about raising the cigarette pack price to 1,000 yen (or have they already? I have to check that out >w<).  1 yen on the ground just sounds weird as well as 5 yen on the ground…people would much rather find a 100 yen coin on the ground than a 1 yen coin..right, right?>!? The 100 yen coin also has cherry blossoms on it (I hate cherries, but I love the nation cherry blossom festival~:3)!  And how could you not like currency whose international symbol ¥ resembles two chopsticks resting on a cute little holder >O–^< (At least to me……)



…Okay that makes absolutely no sense =__= The most valuable would obviously be the best… greedy…..

I think I’m delirious…I’ve been feeling dizzy all day @_@ =_=



~ by 100yen :D on November 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Self Contemplative?! …=__=#”

  1. 100 yen makes it sound very Japanese. I mean — A lot of people are familiar with 100 yen rather than 5 yen and so on.
    After all… Almost everybody know about this shop, 100yen-ya.

    *points picture*
    I’m not good at reading Japanese but… I know that the shop on the left is “Kusuri” which means medical or pharmacy… right? (^.^)llll

  2. I guess I should find a better picture of the 100yen shop then @__@ Or maybe it’s a 100yen shop/pharmacy…though that would be weird seeing as you’d only have to pay ¥100 for your prescriptions…which could create a problem >w<
    Thank you for telling me, though! I would have never known since I just started out on ‘formal’ Japanese lessons xD
    Heheh…and they are very Japanese *nod* And plus, I think it’s easier to spend a coin rather than a bill, right? ^–^ heh…

  3. I don’t think that those shops are the same.
    They are separated. Probably the pharmacy is on the left and the 100yen shop is on the right.
    Because most of their shops (and houses) are very small and cramp.
    So sometimes it looks like they are sharing 1 shop.
    Hey, do you eat Pocky?

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