Drawings? xD

I think I may start posting some of my drawings on here @_@ Some of them are just weird and a lot of them are fan-drawings and half/fan-drawings but I hope everyone enjoys them! Note: My scanner has been broken for the past 6 months (it’s driving me crazy-but I always forget that we actually need a new one until I need one), so all the pictures on here are going to be taken by a camera ^–^ So sorry if the quality isn’t too good! I’ll try my best to make them better! I’ll try my best to fix them up on the computer!

Okies!! To start, we’ll begin with my old picture of Suigintou

This one I was actually happy with when I was done, but while I was drawing it I was kinda scared about how it would come out xD It started out as just a random sketch of her head but evolved into a full-body shot o__o This was one of my first full-pen drawings! I draw this about three months ago in August… (?) Anyways! Enjoy!!

(CLICK for full size)

If anyone feels the urge to color this or edit somehow feel free ^–^ just please give me credit \(-3-)/


~ by 100yen :D on November 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Drawings? xD”

  1. A~ah! You do drawing too~
    Well, naturally if anyone is a fan of anime/manga, they’ll do drawing!

    Your art is nice. I like the rough sketching s and the body is proportionate!
    (^-^)/ I look forward to see more of your art!

  2. Thank you!!! I like to do all kinds of drawing but manga is just plain fun to draw >:)

  3. hey dude cool.

  4. can you draw len and kahoko of la corda d’oro primo passo?

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