Highschool Entrance Exams – C IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT ANSWER!?~>:!?


The entrance exams are coming up @__@! And I’m kinda of flippin out on the inside kind of.

We just had the practice tests at school and I was..er…how shall I say it? Really bad. Really bad at the math part at least (Language is really absolutely no problem for me-I can pass without studying at all). Well, not that bad, it was probably because I was rushing to do 200+ problems within an hour and a half, long problems too. I do have a serious weakness in math @__@ I envy those math whizzes… <33 My friend Alice is a bit of a math maniac so I get her to help me all the time =__= ehehe…I’m pretty pathetic…

There is a lot of competition to get into the best schools and at each secondary school I visit I have to do a slightly nerve-wracking interview, write a spontaneous essay, and fill out countless forms and papers @_@ It’s really exhausting. Alice doesn’t seem worried, and neither does Anjii, so I’m thinking I shouldn’t be worried either but…

The school I really want to go to has pretty nice uniforms (heheh xD I’m mainly looking at the uniforms for a school…is that bad?) which look basically like this (minus the bow in front, plus bow in the back)


I also like that school because of it’s modern and unique teaching style! Each student is required to purchase a specific laptop that you use to receive e-mails from your teachers and friends, take notes, and just plain have fun with xD


In my school now we aren’t allowed to have cell phones inside D:



It’s going to be a relief in high school when we can use them a lot! Now I can only use mine to call my friends and stuff outside of school (speaking of which I left the charger at my relatives house)


I’ma gonna flip out when I can message meh friends in school :3



Well, wish me luck! I’m taking the freakin’ 5-hour exam later on next month Dx

If anyone has any good study tips or tricks, please share and leave a comment ^^ Thank you!!


~ by 100yen :D on November 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Highschool Entrance Exams – C IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT ANSWER!?~>:!?”

  1. Good studying tips?
    It really depends on what kind of environment your school is (or other places for the matter)


  2. Yeeaahh…I’m not that good at studying ^3^ I literally have to move the computer away from me when I’m doing school stuff ^^;; …easily distracted

  3. Well.. You are similar to Mira. (Laughs)
    Anyway… I read from this book called “”Train Your Brain” by Dr. Kawashima. He mentioned that it’s best to study in the morning because that is when your brain is active and clear.
    So maybe you should study in the morning or so…

  4. Hmm..it will be a challenge because I tend to be a bit..er..groggy in the morning, but I will have to see if it works! @_@ Yes,yes…that sounds good…thank you!! I’ll have to check out more of this ‘Mr. Kawashima’!! 😀

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