First Impressions: Maria-sama ga Miteru

Maria-sama ga Miteru – First Impressions


First 3 words that pop into my head when I think of this show: Drama, Beautiful, schoolgirl

Plot in 3 sentences: Yumi is a first-year student at prestigious Lillian Girls School, a private Catholic academy. After a mishap, she becomes the ‘petit souer’ (little sister) of cool, pretty, Sachiko, a second year. To prove that she really does care for Yumi and is not just using her, Sachiko must get Yumi to accept her ‘souer proposal’, though it doesn’t come without a price.

3 Questions I want answered: How did Yumi, who has a seemingly average life, get into such a high-class school?

Why exactly did Yumi turn down Sachiko’s offer in the first place if she liked her so much?

Does the ‘Rosa Foetida’ family only have two members the whole series, or is it just in the beginning.

3 Good Things so far: I love the whole private school atmosphere, sheltered and well-maintained.

The characters are really well-designed and drawn: I especially like how the eyes are drawn.

I love the whole ‘family’ idea, where the upperclassmen care for the youngers.

3 not-so-good points: The families can be hard to keep track of at times.

I get confused with the family names a lot @_@

Yumi is your typical large-eyed super-lucky and mega-bubbly so-called-average schoolgirl- I wish she was slightly more unique.


Rating so far: 4 stars

I will continue to watch this series!

Look for more updates on Maria-sama ga Miteru soon!



~ by 100yen :D on November 8, 2007.

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