Updated Anime Section, Millennium Actress Still On My Mind

Hello hello! It’s been quite a bit since I last updated, and I apologize for thi will have to be pretty short ^–^

Well, I added a ‘movie’ section to the anime to better help me keep track of all the anime movies I own or saw! I think Millennium Actress inspired that section. I know it’s kind of an old movie and not many people even mention it anymore (if there is a MA or Sennen Joyu message board or group anywhere, PLEASE tell me!!!) but I am hooked on it. Every time I listen to the soundtrack, it’s as if I am watching the movie all over again. It’s just so beautifully animated and told. The story line completely captures me @__@

Well, I’ll be posting a lot more often~! See ya! Ja’ ne!


~ by 100yen :D on October 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Updated Anime Section, Millennium Actress Still On My Mind”

  1. I know what you mean. I just watched it again. I do believe that movie is one of the few tearjerkers that people can honestly cherish. I haven’t seen any message boards for it though. I think the reason for it’s lack of popularity is because the general audience it’s aimed at(teens and adults, kids wouldn’t really understand it) is more absorbed with super-action packed anime like DBZ. Also, I think people generally like to watch tearjerkers every once in a while. They tend to forget as a result, but the wave of nostalgia always comes back when someone mentions the name. But, I’ll give a more coherent response later. 4:05 am and I’ve got to go. Btw, I love your site. It’s nice to see some interesting takes on things I’d never thought about. Like anime withdrawal <x]

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for the comment ^^ I am glad to see you like my site :D! Things have been a bit hectic lately so it might not be as neat or organized, but!
    Sennen Joyu is really one that makes me cry every time I see it…and you are right, people like their crazy action shows with spiky hair nowadays xD.
    In my opinion, I think is is probably Satoshi Kon’s best film (his most popular probably being Perfect Blue). Or I could be saying that because this was the movie that got me hooked on that genre.
    If you liked Sennen Joyu I would definitely suggest Kon’s other movies if you haven’t seen them :)!
    Well, thank you again!
    Arigato m(_ _)m

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