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I recently finished watching the show Air, which I heard from from a friend and viewed the first episode on a NewType USA DVD.

I fell in love with the first episode, the animation, sound, characters, setting and overall ambiance. I immediately decided to watch the rest of this 12-episode plus 1 recap episode show.


This show is definitely not for everyone, though. For those big fans of violence and blood, I am sorry to say it contains little to none. It also contains none of those unrealistic girls with huge chests or any hentai/ecchi things. There is only brief, undetailed nudity shown in a responsible and artistic form.


The main plot focuses on a traveling young man named Yukito, who knows how to control a small doll with his mind, and it doesn’t seem to be attracting a lot of attention. With only a mysterious doll and the clothes on his back, Yukito finds himself in a beautiful, quiet town by the sea (based on Kami City in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan) where he soon, and nearly accidentally,  meets a young girl named Misuzu.

Misuzu has had a very difficult and somewhat complicated life, but now lives with her seemingly uncaring aunt who she affectionately addresses as “mommy” anyway.  Yukito begins to live with Misuzu and her aunt, discovering that the people in this town aren’t exactly ordinary beneath the exterior.

Stories from the past and myths of a ‘flying girl’ begin to unravel before the characters’ eyes, leaving them with hard decisions to make,  and even harder fates to meet.


I can truly say this series made me laugh out loud, cry downpours of tears, and everything in between.

I would truly recommend this series to anyone looking for a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) in the anime world. With animationand sound effects from the same people that brought you The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Air is certainly one of the best I have seen in a while.

Rather than the usual magic and other-worldly characteristics of  most anime, Air focuses on human relations, fate, simplicity, complexity and emotions.

Air truly is a work of art.






~ by 100yen :D on September 15, 2007.

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