Manga meets Harry Potter and a Convention in NYC…(no spoilers!!)

Recently, like so many others, I went out at midnight to purchase the 7th Harry Potter book…(remind me never to do that again) and we arrived at 10:30. We got the book at about 1:00 after all the chaos settled and we made our way to the front of the line weaving in and out of every isle of our local Barnes & Nobel booksellers.

In the meantime what did we do? Read. In my case, it was manga. I had picked up the latest copy of NewType USA, but of course it was wrapped in plastic so I couldn’t open it until I bought it and got out of the store.

So i resorted to the isle filled with the Japanese comic books we all know and love so dearly 😀

There I got through 1 volume of InuBaka a very cute series about a dog-obsessed girl , and a volume of xxxholic which I’ve now become a fan of (It’s by CLAMP, sooo… >D).

Not to mention I met a few anima/manga fans there as well. We chatted for a bit and it turns out one of them was going to the Otakon. LUCKY HER!! I was going to go this year, but my costume wasn’t finished in time and it slipped my mind for bit ^–^;; I was going as Suiseiseki from Rozen maiden.

Oh well, later this year, in December I am going to the New York Anime Festival!!!! I’ll be sure to take TONS of pictures. I can’t wait even though it’s still months away!! It’s never too early to start a costume (whips out sewing machine). I think I’m dragging my friend Angie along as well >w<


~ by 100yen :D on July 22, 2007.

One Response to “Manga meets Harry Potter and a Convention in NYC…(no spoilers!!)”

  1. I’ve never been to a manga convention 😦

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