“Transformers, robots in disguise.”

This movie was FAT. Funny. Action-packed. Thrilling. This is probably one of the best movies I will see all summer. Shia LaBeouf returns as an amazing actor along with Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson.

The special effects in this movie are absolutely phenominal, from the various explosions and cityscapes, to the spine-tingling-intricate transformations. I highly suggest seeing this movie, but despite the old cartoons and toys, this is not a movie for young kids or children, unless you don’t mind them being exposed to moderate to heavy language, violence, and the theme of impending doom. The good points for children, is that evil intentions never win, and never lose hope. There are also a few underlying themes like, don’t judge by appearance and courage is one of the most important qualities.

There are two transformer sides, the Autobots-led by Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons-lead by Megatron. They come to Earth in seek of the ‘cube’, which the government has been hiding in secret for nearly 70 years in the heart of the Hoover Dam. The story focuses heavily on military, teenage, and giant robot issues. O__O;;

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who enjoys FAT* films.

*See first paragraph…nae, first line









~ by 100yen :D on July 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Transformers”

  1. Killer Transformers

    Transformers info

  2. It was alright I give it two stars and 1/2,but thought it could of been better.The second Transformer Movie leaves off from this one.I heard it will have more action and more humor .It sounds even better.

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