Barasuishou (or Bara Suishou)


So far, in Traumend (Up to episode 1), Barasuishou is new character. We don’t even get to see very much of her because she’s at the very end of the episode. I can only guess what role she plays in the new series…is she Sugintou’s predecessor? It’s going to be a bit awkward, expecting Sugintou to pop out of the mirror and traumatize the other dolls, and the suddenly remember she’s not coming back…

Somehow I actually managed to sympathize with Sugintou and think like she did. That’s another reason this series is so special, I can really relate to all the characters in some way, shape or BuBBlebassSSt. So, let’s wait and see Barasuishou’s fate…

The Rozen Maiden Träumend opening and ending will be added to the MP3’s section now…


~ by 100yen :D on July 10, 2007.

10 Responses to “Barasuishou”

  1. The image you have is not barashishou, that’s kirakishou. Kirakishou is the real 7th doll and was made by Rozen. Kirakishou can only exist in the N-field (as seen in the Manga) if you want an image of barashishou, go here, I uploaded it, Barashishou is in purple:

  2. Yes thank you!!! *bows* Unfortunately I didn’t realize that was Kirakishou until after i finished the series..and I was too lazy to change it!!! Thanks so much for the picture~!

  3. Hey, did you see my Harry Potter doujinshi post? its here:

  4. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!! THat picture is of Kirakishou!!!! NOT BARASUISHOU!!!!!!!!! BARASUISHOU is the copy that Rozen appantice Enzu made to fight the rozen maidens!!!!! That picture is of the real and last rozen maiden doll Kirakishou!

  5. barasuishou is beautiful

  6. um outfit id different but cuter!

  7. chida esta la foto
    pero no le
    entiendo nada bueno bye

  8. She is not Bara suishou. She is Kira kishou

  9. Haha holy crap. The first comment explained it was not Barasuishou, there is really no need of continually explaining it. Some of you should read the other comments first ne :P. Also “Someone said this on March 13, 2008 at 1:32 pm” You should chill out a bit 😛 No need to freak out over a minor mistake that s/he didn’t realize because s/he had not finished the show yet.

  10. that is Kirakishou

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