Rozen Maiden Episode 2


Rozen Maiden Episode 2
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Nori becomes smitten for Shinku and puts lots of attention into her. After using her Rosa Mystique to fix a broken window in Jun’s room, Shinku goes in search of a quiet place to have tea. She finds the house restroom a pleasantly smelling and looking room, but becomes embarrassed when Jun demonstrates it’s real purpose.

When Jun’s old classmate, Tomoe drops by to give him the usual notes and schoolwork, Shinku takes particular interest in her. It turns out she has also made a bond with another Rozen Maiden doll, Hinaichigo. Hinaichigo is a cute little girl, who is frightened that the past might repeat itself, after being locked up alone for a long time by her previous owner. Afraid of being alone for such a long time again, Hinaichigo forces Tomoe into Hinaichigo’s world, to play there forever. Shinku fears something is wrong, and enters Hinaichigo’s world to challenge her in the Alice Game*. Meanwhile, back in the human world, Jun mopes around depressed because seeing Tomoe reminds him of school, until his rose ring heats up, and he makes the deduction that Shinku is fighting a doll again.

While battling, Hinaichigo uses too much of Tomoe’s power, making her close to death. Hinaichigo realizes that Tomoe really is a good person and remembers all of the good times they had together. Stopping Tomoe’s death, Hinaichigo kisses Tomoe’s Rosa Mystique, freeing the bond they share. Winning the Alice Game, Shinku decides not to take Hinaichigo’s Rosa Mystique, and instead take her back to Jun’s as a servant. The pair return to the human world, and Shinku gives Jun a I’m-back-now-by-why-didn’t-you-come-and-assist-me-in-getting-back-sooner slap.

CHARACTERS: icons by

jun.jpg 1.png 2006_jun_14_20_41_06.jpgth_tomoe.jpghinaalone.png

Sakurada, Jun \\ Shinku \\ Sakurada, Nori \\ Tomoe \\ Hinaichigo


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