Ratatouille Reveiw






This is probably one of the best aimed-for-kids movies I have seen in a long time. It’s funny, suspenseful, and full of morals you can learn from. Be true to yourself, don’t limit yourself because of others, break away from the crowd, don’t let anger take control of you…and most of all: Anyone can cook.


The main character of the movie is a young, ambitious rat named Remy. Remy aspires of being a chef and knows what it takes. He loves to read-cookbooks that is- and knows where to find all the ingridents he needs. The kitchen.

After a daring attempt to find some saffron with his brother, and a freaky series of events (Involving an extremely old lady and a rifle), Remy gets separated from his family and washed down a sewer which takes him to none other than Paris.

In Paris, he finds his way into the pantry of a once-world-class restaurant named Gusteau’s and meets a young man named Linguine (yes, you heard right) who has no family and is on the brink of poverty. After a very rocky start, Remy teams up with Linguine to make the perfect chef.


Coupled with stunning animation, ideal voice actors, and a story tuned to perfection, Pixar has done it again!

Child or adult, I recommend this movie to anyone who loves food, Paris, or a good bit of humor.


This movie is the first one that made me genuinely laugh in a while!

Go give Ratatouille a shot and tell me what you think!




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~ by 100yen :D on July 9, 2007.

One Response to “Ratatouille Reveiw”

  1. good movie,my kids got a kick out of it and I didn’t mind watching it.

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