Rozen Maiden Episode 1


Rozen Maiden Episode 1
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A little girl and her father are the center of attention at a Victorian age party where everyone is having fun. Later that night, when the moon is shining bright, one of the dolls come to life so the little girl locks her away.

We switch to modern-day Japan now:

    Nori Sakurada is a kind, caring, lacrosse-playing high school student who avoids hanging out with her friends to take care of her brother, Jun. Jun is a reclusive, young, middle school drop-out who prefers to stay inside all day and order novelties off of internet maid order and returning them at the last moment. One day, he finds a strange envelope with a letter in it and circles the “Agree” choice at the top.

    He then trips over a small suitcase in his room and opens it, finding a beautifully crafted doll. He winds it up, and she literally comes to life. He backs into the wall out of shock as the doll advances on him. She gives him a quick, swift slap because he touched her without her permission. She then introduces herself after this rocky start, as Shinku, the Fifth Doll of the Rozen Maiden.

    After examining some of Jun’s dolls, Shinku announces, “It has already arrived.” as a few black feathers swiftly float into the room. Without much warning, the window shatters and clown puppet with the motive to kill Jun makes his appearance. After Shinku announces he will die if he doesn’t, Jun makes a bond with her to become her Medium by kissing her Rosa Mystique–her rose ring. With this action, Jun was bonded to Shinku as her servant and Medium. A ring identical to Shinku’s appears on Jun’s finger as a symbol of the covenant they just made. Using Jun’s power, Shinku quickly disposes of the clown doll.

    Jun tries to keep Shinku a secret from his sister, but to no avail. With Shinku’s help, Jun realizes that his dolls really do care about him.


NOTE: In the beginning, the little girl’s doll is actually Shinku and the role her and her father play in the story will become clear later in the series.



Sakurada, Jun      Shinku          Sakurada, Nori







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